BOOK II of The Red Book trilogy: THE SCRIBE OF BLOOD



‘This is NOT madness!’ sneered Fetlock.  ‘The other travels here with all speed, as I planned.  It’s in his blood.  He’ll just need the right – persuasion.’

The chase continues in The Scribe of Blood, the second installment of The Red Book Trilogy, as Behvyn Hahn races desperately to wrest the all-powerful Verses from the clutches of Marshall Fetlock and the mysterious Prince Kinithor.  But time is running out.  To appease the god-like Graces from taking their terrible revenge on mankind, Behvyn must succeed where Captain Rumé has failed and end the ruinous Mertos war.

Together with his twin brother Behleth and his friends Tig, Tangle, Yinko, Feran and Kjerros, Behvyn must survive dangerous lands, outwit treacherous sects and evade the hidden menace that lies within the snowy northern wastelands.  Yet with the Graces’ will defied, one of their kind returns to stalk mankind intent on its final destruction: the malevolent Scribe of Blood himself.

With terrifying creatures, magical skills and three troublesome Princesses to negotiate, the wildly inventive sequel to The Fatal Verse of the Valley IS a page-tearing ride of thrills and action where the right words spell life… or death.